Thursday, February 4, 2010

HEROES - S/T 1980

Heroes began in October 1977 when ex-Rabbit members Jim Porteus, Mark Tinson & Phil Screen recruited vocalist Peter De Jong. Basing themselves in Newcastle emphasising pub rock which gained them a good following. In 1980 the band signed to Alberts/EMI and recorded this, their self titled album which reached #1.

Heroes other claim to fame is that they were the last band to play at Newcastle's Star Hotel, the controversial closure of which sparked off street violence and rioting that night. Their choice of song, The Star and the Slaughter, led later to singer Peter de Jong being charged with the incitement to riot. One verse runs: "I want action, And I want fighting in the streets. Gonna take this town by storm, Gonna burn the buildings down ... "

01 The Star And The Slaughter
02 I Can't Go On
03 Tongue Tied
04 Back To The Love
05 In For The Kill
06 Baby's Had A Taste
07 Look At The Time
08 Something You Need
09 Talkin'
10 To-nite



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