Friday, February 5, 2010

THE CORPS - Nail It Shut 2007

Sydney based 5 piece band, The Corps, play original hardrock & roll crossed with punk. From the influences of bands like Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, and Condemned 84 comes an Oi! sound, yet heavier and laced with slide-guitar. It is in an Aussie tradition of no-bullshit rock & roll that they have created a growing cult following both locally & abroad.

Alex : vocals
Scott: Guitar
Aj: Guitar
Will: Bass
Jordan: Drums

1. Sold Out2. Graveside3. Sunny Days4. Over The Top5. A Girl Like That6. Into Battle7. Bad Taste8. Shattered Pride9. Get A Job10. Nail It Shut11. Built To Last12. Itchin' For Evil

Thanks to Scott

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