Thursday, February 4, 2010

DESERT RAT - Home From the Front 1978

Melbourne pub band that worked heavily around the traps. Recorded one album that was engineered and produced by Gil Matthews from Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs

01 Need Your Love
02 Reaching For the Sky
03 Faces
04 Do Somebody Wrong
05 Rock And Roll Lady
06 Take me On
07 Runaway Child
08 Crystal Ball
09 Arabian Rock
10 Take Me Shake me
11 No Place Like Hell

Desert Rat


Anonymous said...

Reupload needed.

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Anonymous said...

The midoztouch download pages no longer open, either. Any chance of a repost?

best wishes

skids said...

I can see if i can find it and upload it to dropbox. (it may take a week or three)

you will have to do me a favour and join dropbox via the link below so i get more space.

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Anonymous said...

sorry for the delay, I'd forgotten about this. Just joined dropbox as requested, but don't know where to go from here. After signing up it went straight to download a setup file; problem is, I'm on a public computer which doesn't let me instal anything.

skids said...

Well Chris, You'll have to wait to some joins up, as my allowance is full