Thursday, February 4, 2010

Contraband - Contraband (1979)

Contraband were a Sydney hard rock band, previously known as Finch. Finch formed in stillwater in 1973 and, after signing a deal in the US with CBS's subsidiary label, Portrait Records, the name was changed again to Contraband due to dutch band called Finch.The band broke up in 1979. Nothing like 70's aussie rock, former band members include Mark Evans (AC/DC) and Bob Spencer (Skyhooks, The Angels).



Sergey said...

Thanx a lot, friend! I like this band. Good thing

Unknown said...

Anyone know how i can get a CD of this album .Good background sounds in the 80's for those sunday sessions in the sun .Too short lived & hard to find .Graham restless still in Londong.

skids said...

don't think it made it to CD