Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VA - JJJ Live At The Wireless (1983)

Live At The Wireless was a crazy idea cooked up from JJJ's music people that has snowballed into the phenomenon that the Live At The Wireless compilations are today. This the very first "Live At The Wireless" managed to combine more technical and logistical problems in one hour of broadcast time than the station had ever encounted in eight years of recording. Over six weeks in July and August 1983 JJJ transmitted, Live-to-air performances of eighteen local groups - three at a time from three different locations.
The bands in this series were a small but significant sample of Australian music at the time encompassing the exhausting variety of styles, influences and directions, managing to cram eleven of these artists onto this album.

Various Artists
Live At The Wireless Vol 1

01 Pleas - Private Lives
02 (Bits Of) Wood - The Particles
03 Samurai Stomp - Samurai Trash
04 Hammer The Hammer - The Go-Betweens
05 My Baby Thinks She's A Train - The Triffids
06 Random Men - Second Language
07 Bring The Hammer Down - Do-Re-Mi
08 Lay Him Down - Dropbears
09 You've Changed - Soggy Porridge
10 Dig It Up - Hoodoo Gurus
11 Ritual - Idiom Flesh



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Basically, Live at The Wireless is a copy of THE PEEL SESSIONS from the BBC

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