Monday, February 1, 2010

Geeza - 1977 - StreetLife

Geeza - 1977 - StreetLife

track list:
01 Sydney City Ladies
02 You Can't Do That
03 Song To Warilla
04 Streetfighter
05 Dragon Queen
06 Run 'N' Hide
07 Too Much Goin On Here
08 The Jean Genie

Terry Halliday (vocals)
Gabriel Vendetti (guitar)
Lee Martin (bass)
Alan Fraiel (drums)

This band only did the one album but it has some brilliant songs and with a name like Geeza you', d think they were pommy. They do a great cover of Bowie`s Gene Genie . Hope you enjoy the album.
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kylie said...

my father steve rondo was their manager

Anonymous said...

I saw Geeza at the Armidale University hall back in 1977.They supported TMG.They were good and they had a rubber guitar that the lead singer swung around in green strob lights in a solo.It was cool to a country kid who was only just seeing live bands.I didnt hear them after that,but Geeza were a great loud rock band who really tried to bring a bit of showmanship to a crowd.what happened to the rubber guitar?

Anonymous said...

I knew Steve Rondo, Bill Lancaster,Gabriel and Terry since 1975 until now..I still have contact with Gabby from time to time..

Anonymous said...

gabby has a lovely wife and family now he seems so settled...I hear Terry Died a couple of years ago...He was a cool guy..I knew them from Paradise Gardens out at Cattai. Jean F Dad was the manager there, they hired Geeza back then Gabby was with he has toni....

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the Geeza LP, It's brilliant, I'd never heard of them ... I found a website offering some Geeza vinyl, the one you want: "Endangered Species" but they want a gazillion dollars for it ...

Hope that helps ... tassiemart

skids said...

Thanks Tassiesmart
Endangered Species is not GEEZA it is BLACK ALICE, i have them both ty anyway

Greg Rogan said...

Geeza played one lunchtime at our school (Manly Boys HS)in 1976? - they were great. I think the premise was that bone of them was a former student. Regards,Greg Rogan.

Anonymous said...

Terry is not dead and is still rocking!!!
Check him out at
In 2010 Terry was unsuccessful in convincing the original band members to reunite for a tour. However they did give their approval and full support for Terry to take the songs and Band name on the road with a couple of ring ins.
Looking like they'll be ready to hit the road in 2012.
To stay tuned for tour dates by liking Geeza on Facebook to stay up to date