Tuesday, February 2, 2010


01 Justice
02 Flash King Cadillac
03 Outback
04 Little Miss Love
05 Good Thing Going
06 This Crowd
07 Frontier Man
08 So Far So Good (tonight)
09 After The Heat
10 Watching Winter Pass



Birko said...

I have a vague memory of what John Justin sounds like. I was at primary school with his younger twin brothers, and he was a rockstar on Countdown. Well, in our world he was "fame".

When his first single was released, his mum bought up all the singles from the Balwyn Sports store, as well as from a shop in Kew, trying to skew the charts - and we had to keep quiet about it. Two local stores is not much of a data skew, thankfully. John really wanted to be a star.

But John, I know that you painted "An Affair" on the wall of the walkway between The Tahiti Bar and Oasis Coffee.

(And I regret not taking up your guitar tuition that was on the pamphlet at the milkbar next to The Lion's Den)

If JJ reads this, I hope you get a laugh! You were a local primary school celebrity. And still a star to me.

Edit: don't look at YouTube. Memories are better left to their own devices.

Anonymous said...

I went to School with John Justin Stewart- A Jimmy Page fan from ealy on. His mother had to hide his guitar during year 12 !! Destined for Rock stardom from an early age but never quite made it. Thanks for all your encouragement John. Paul P from Balwym and Marcellin