Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TRILOGY - Life On Earth (1985)

Jamie Page (guitar); Jon Ryder (vocals, bass, keys); Peter Thompson (drums) Perth progressive metal trio, formed out of the remains of Saracen by Ryder and Thompson with ex-Black Alice guitarist Page. Like Black Alice, Trilogy was better known outside of Australia, with Europe lending a particularly keen ear to their Rush-like sound. Page left after the first album to be replaced by Peter Jenkins; this line-up issued one more album before switching back to the name Saracen with the return of guitarist John Meyer from his three-year tenure with Rose Tattoo. The second album was only available in France.

01. Fight Like The Devil
02. Wastin' Time
03. Playing With Your Life
04. Rough Time
05. Life On Earth
06. The Hammer
07. Holding You Close
08. Pariah
09. Northern Lights
10. Gettin' Outta Here

thanks to Rush2112

Life On Earth - mediafire or
Life On Earth on sharebee


AussieRock said...

Thanks for this Skids. I'm a big follower of Rush, so an Australian sound alike should be interesting to hear.
Glad to see you've got your blog back on line.
Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Someone has posted the entire album up on Youtube.
Saw these guys open for Purple in Perth in 84, and became an instant fan. This is a great album. It is similar to Rush (but harder and more energetic), the similarity is bit due to Ryder's vocal and bass style, and he played kbd too. Just to correct the entry, the second album was released in Australia as Saracen (album and band title) with John Meyer. It was released a year later in Europe as Trilogy to stop confusion with the Euro band Saracen.
Ryder had another band, a 5 piece called Worlds End that were pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

Great band

Big nights at the Warwick and Charles Hotels.