Saturday, January 30, 2010

TOUGH LUXURY - Streetwise (1986)

Some rare AOR, Tough Luxury formed in Sydney in 1984, playing a boogie/blues based heavy rock with a style sounding similar to early Def Leppard . Members came and went with high regularity. The Line-up for their one and only album was

Stuart Cave (vocals)
Peter Rich (guitar)
Dave Edwards (guitar)
Mark Essenhugh (drums)
Kevin McDonald (bass)

Side A tracks: 1."Don't Look Back", 2."Without Warning", 3."Moving Too Fast", 4."Changes".
Side B tracks: 1."School's Out", 2."Roll The Dice", 3."High & Mighty", 4."Streetwise".



HAZZA said...

Tough Luxury Rocks Listen to Without Warning and Changes!

Tough said...

go to - This is us, from Sydney, not USA. We got together for a blow July 31 2010 & have posted some videos & photos there Also worked on some new ideas - more coming soon!!!!!!!