Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BLACKJACK - Five Pieces Of Eight (1985)

John Giles (guitar, vocals)
Rikk Giles (vocals)
Paul "Jackie" Gleason (bass)
Thunderfoot Van Taneran (drums)
Daryl Williams (bass)

Not the Micheal Bolton/Bruce Kulick version :-p...
But a hard driving heavy rock/metal band from Melbourne. The original line up formed around the Giles boys in the early 80's and produced a five-track EP in 1985 called "Five Pieces Of Eight" on the "Metal for Melbourne" label. With a few demo tracks recorded before the band gradually faded into obscurity. Big thanks to Glenn who used to run Metal For Melbourne, here is some Metal For Everyone.

01 Highwaymans Inn
02 Hot Rocket
03 prelude
04 Man At Arms
05 the Wizard

Pieces Of Eight


Rocket T. Justice said...

You got half of the fact's , the rest is shit , name's misspelt ,date's wrong , who's writing this crap?,it's like you know it all ,as for Glen , there's a reason why his nickname is 'M H' (massive homo) or 'princess Stock','cause he make's out like he was there when he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Where's Mick Burns?
Jon,Ric, Mick and Daryl (Buzzard) recorded the EP.
Blackjack have been rehearsing again after 20 odd years and have future plans including new material, recording and eventually live appearances.
July 19th 2012.

Redbearded xx said...

Your right about the info here, total crap, and also instrumental titled 'Prelude #3' as I recall it, big solo by Jonny with the band, use to see them live all the time, they were the best, huge pyros (for indoors), pirate gear and all, and loud....shit, they matched the TATTS in volume at Pentridge and Odyessy House, showed them, I hear they still play together,...true? my fave was 'Death of an animal' from '82, then 'Dead Men' and 'Circus of Horror', they should have been bigger, the industry sucks.